Chrysler 300 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chrysler 300 SRT8 w/Nitrous vs. 2012 Camaro SS 6 Speed - Drag Race Video - Road Test TV Drag Race between a 2012 Camaro SS 6 speed with a tune and performance exhaust versus a Chrysler 300 SRT8. The Chrysler ...

Chrysler SRT8 300 vs Hellcat Challenger,1/4 mile drag race.
6.4-liter V-8 pumping out 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque of Chrysler,can he beat 707 hp of Hellcat Challenger ?Sound,top speed,acceleration.

MOPAR Sunday 2010 - Chrysler 300C Drag Race
Taking my '06 5.7L Chrysler 300C down the strip at MOPAR Sunday 2010. Not a great time at 14.24 but I still got the win :-)

Chrysler 300 SRT8 vs 650hp Shelby GT500-drag race
Stock Chrysler 300 SRT8 takes on supercharged Shelby GT500,drag race 1/4 mile,sound,burnouts,acceleration and top speed,the best of american cars for ...

Chrysler 300c 5.7 Hemi vs Chevrolet Camaro 3.8 V6 1/4 mile drag race
Georg Noor 2005 Chrysler 300c 5.7 V8 Hemi vs Ville Pusa 4th gen Chevrolet Camaro 3.8 V6 1/4 mile drag race @ Speedest Glassdrive Racing 2016, Pärnu ...

12 300 SRT8 vs Impala SS Drag Race
5-2-12 - Lebanon Valley Dragway - first time at the track with new 300 - spun off the line - 1st rouund of Street time trials.

Chrysler 300s vs Mustang GT-1/4 mile drag race
Burnout,sound and acceleration of Chrysler 300 ,drag race 1/4 mile betwwen Chrysler 300 s and Mustang GT.

Ford Mustang GT500 vs Chrysler 300C vs Mercedes C63 AMG vs BMW M6
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Chrysler 300C Drag Race
this is a 300c that was running at the track in Hertford. an 1/8 mile track.

Drag Racing 2010-09-11 Chrysler 300C 12.740 @ 106.03
Drag Pont-Rouge Chrysler 300C 12.740 @ 106.03 September Septembre 2010.

2012 Chrysler SRT8 Vs. Drag Mustang Cobra
2012 Chrysler Srt8 with full exhaust, 100 shot of nitrous, and tune vs. a full caged mustang cobra with unknown mods.