Chevrolet Volt Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Tesla Model S Performance vs Chevrolet Volt Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

2012 Chevy Volt versus Nissan Leaf Mash-up Drag Race ) The 2012 plug-in Chevrolet Volt and the new all electric Nissan Leaf are not what most people would consider performance cars.

Dodge Neon vs Chevy Volt drag race
1997 Dodge Neon with 250k, snow tires, and 180lb driver versus a 2011 Volt with a 200lb driver. Camera cut out early, Neon was a car length ahead by 50.

2013 Chevy Volt drag racing at Atlanta Dragway
16.7 @ 83, 2.7 sixty. Quarter Mile (1/4-mile) drag racing at Atlanta Dragway, charity event. 2013 Chevy Volt in "Hold Mode", traction control off. Best of the day ...

Past vs Future: 2017 Chevy Bolt vs VW GTI Drag Race ) What's faster in a straight line. Is it the original hot hatch or the new all electric Chevy Bolt. In this Past vs Future drag race we find out.

Chevrolet Volt Drag Racing 7-25-2014
Friday night drag racing at qualcomm stadium 1/8 mile drag strip in the 2014 Comic-con parking lot at qualcomm stadium.chevrolet volt on the drag strip. you can ...

Tesla Model S Performance vs Chevrolet Volt Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

Electric Chevy Volt Runs Out Of Gas - Becomes Dangerous
The gas engine was designed (at least I thought) to extend the electric range of the car. Fuel is clearly an integral part of the volts workings even though you can ...

Chevrolet Volt vs Chevrolet Corvette Drag Racing 7-25-2014
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium corvette vs volt. Since 1935, Quality Chevrolet Escondido has enjoyed serving the automotive needs of our ...

Chevy Volt vs Toyota Prius drag race
2012 Chevy Volt vs 2012 Toyota Prius Both stock.

Out of Electric Range and Gas! What happens? Amazing what the Volt does!!
In this video I show you what exactly happens when a Chevy volt not only runs out of its electric range but also runs out of its gasoline backup. Will it damage the ...

Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Hemi vs Nissan Leaf 1/8mile drag race
Peeter Plakk 2008 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Hemi V8 vs Martin Loog Nissan Leaf (electric taxi) 1/8 mile drag race @ SHELL HELIX Tartu Drag Race 2016.