Chevrolet SS Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Cammed OUT! Chevy SS hits LS Fest, Fastest All Motor SS
We caught up with this gorgeous Chevy SS rolling down the strip at LS Fest and couldn't resist getting a few shots of it! Subscribe free here: Store:

Supercharged Chevy SS Drag Racing and more...
We took a little break from Hot wheels to watch some real cars run the quarter-mile. My pop owns a 2014 Chevy SS with many mods. He may be in his late 60s but he is still a hot rodder at heart...

Dodge Hellcat Vs Chevy SS Sedan Super charged
all racing done in mexico

2014 Infiniti Q50S vs Chevy SS Mashup Drag Race: V-6 vs V8 smack-down Part 1 ) The 2014 Infiniti Q50S is a very fast sedan with a 3.7L rev-happy 3.7L V-6 engine. The new Chevy SS sedan should be even faster with a throaty 6.2L V-8. So which one...

Whipple Chevy SS vs. HellCat Challenger Drag Race
Really sleek Chevy SS with a Whipple strapped on lining up with e HellCat Challenger at the strip! Who do you think takes the WIN?

Chevy SS vs '15 Mustang GT
Chevy SS vs S550 Mustang Basically Both Stock, Both have manual transmission's.

Drag race: Kia Stinger v Chevrolet SS/Holden Commodore SS-V Redline: 1/4 mile and 0-100
The Koreans are coming! The latest missile to lob from South Korea is the twin-turbocharged V6 Kia Stinger Si, but how does it compare to the LS3 V8 Holden Commodore SS-V Redline (also known...

Kut da Check Procharged Chevy SS vs Turbo Corvette at Shut Up and Race
It went all the way down at Mandrell's Shut Up and Race.

Whipple SS Goes Drag Racing!
FamilyCruisin invited ShockerRacing, CarsMoveMe and myself out for some Thursday night drag racing at GLD. My wife came with for her first pass ever and she fell in love! I was shocked at some...

Hi, this video is featuring 2 Chevy SS cars drag racing at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

4 Door Chevy Impala SS goes 4.81 @161mph
It's not every day you see a Twin Turbo Big Block 4 Door Chevy Impala SS busting off 4.80s at 160+. lol From the Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis International Raceway.

All Motor 2016 Chevy SS Racing
Irwindale Dragstrip 7.4 @91.