Chevrolet Luv Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Bad Ass Chevy Luv Truck
Chevy Luv Truck in Kennendale, Texas.

Small block Chevy Luv vs Turbo Lsx Fairmont (No Prep Race Wichita Falls)
Nitrous Express powered sbc Chevy Luv takes on a sleeper Fairmount powered by a turbocharged Lsx powerplant.

FAST and LOUD 1974 chevy luv truck
1974 luv truck 415 cu. in. small block chevy (735 hp n/a) + 2 stage Nitrous = 1100+hp fully powdercoated tubular frame, high polished sheet metal interior ...

Chevrolet Luv Pickup Drag Racing barona Drag Strip 1-5-2013
Barona drag strip test and tune this chevrolet Luv pickup with a Chevrolet V8 power on the 1/8 mile drag racing.

Chevy LUV Truck vs. Nissan GT-R Bitburg May 2011 Drag Racing
All steel Chevrolet LUV Truck with a naturally aspirated 383 small block chevy. Launched with the footbrake on 10" tires, factory front and rear suspensions add ...

Chevrolet Luv Drag Racing Barona Drag Strip 11-15-2014
Chevrolet Luv Drag Racing Barona Drag Strip TEST and TUNE GAMBLER!!! ALL CARS WELCOME!! Test and Tune lanes will be open ALL DAY! To qualify for ...

chevy luv drag racing at gulfport
chevy luv drag racing at gulfport.

Pirmasens drag racing Chevy LUV truck 1997
High school shop project at the time running a pump gas 355 with factory heads, a 3310, open 3.55 Dana 40 and stock TH350.

Chevy Luv Truck Bitburg Drag Race 11.14 July 08 event
the junkyard dawg making a decent pass.

Chevelle drag racing Chevy Luv at Beech Bend
First round eliminations from the Thanksgiving Race at Beech Bend 2010. For more videos and to see the Hottest and Fastest Rides, check out ...

Chevy Luv drag racing Dodge at Beech Bend
Trial runs from Thanksgiving Race at Beech Bend. For more videos and to see the Hottest and Fastest rides check out

Dahiatsu Terios vs Chevrolet Luv
Piques Clandestinos de 1/8 de milla en santiago de Chile , autos modificados , de calle y de carrera compiten para ver quien es el mejor. Tambien participan ...