Chevrolet Luv Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

THE LUV - Nitrous Powered Mini-Truck!
Originally sold as a “light” utility pick-up, meant to assist with small work loads in the early 80's..Chevy LUV's were NEVER meant to go THIS fast! Assisted by some Nitrous Express...

INSANE Blown Chevy Luv doing some N/T Grudge Racing during the Redemption No Prep event at Texas Raceway in Kennedale TX. Unfortunately the Luv suffered some serious parts FAIL while racing...

Chevy Luv double wheels up pass!
This Chevy Luv gets airborne twice and STILL runs 5s in the 1/8 mile. Powered by a SBC and NX direct port.

Bad Ass Chevy Luv Truck
Chevy Luv Truck in Kennendale, Texas.

PinKS 68 Chevy Pick Up vs 81 Chevy LUV
sorry for audio.

chris z chevy luv @ redline on n20
74 chevy luv, built 383, on some juice..... 1/8th mile.

Chevy Luv VS Square Body No Prep Racing Wichita Falls Tx
SBC Luv vs BBC 80s Square Body.

Chevrolet LUV Alterada vs Cherokee Nitro | Autódromo Culiacán | Drag Race
Jueves De Arrancones En Autódromo Culiacán (20/07/17)

Small block Chevy Luv vs Turbo Lsx Fairmont (No Prep Race Wichita Falls)
Nitrous Express powered sbc Chevy Luv takes on a sleeper Fairmount powered by a turbocharged Lsx powerplant.

Chevrolet Luv Pickup Drag Racing barona Drag Strip 1-5-2013
Barona drag strip test and tune this chevrolet Luv pickup with a Chevrolet V8 power on the 1/8 mile drag racing.

Supercharged 388ci V8 Chevy LUV pickup Drag
While it's easy to love cars that have been bred fast and cool from the factory, there's something equally great about a vehicle that does something its designers could have never imagined....

Fast Luv Truck @ Texas Motorplex