Chevrolet Lumina Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chev Lumina SS VS Jeep STR8
2009 Chev Lumina SS (With Full Viper Exhaust System) 2013 Jeep STR8 Alpine Edition Drag Race @ Graskop Lumina Taking The Win.

Drag Race - Chevrolet Lumina Vs Chevrolet Camaro 3#
بطولة ملك المضمار في حلبة ديراب - الرياض فيس بوك تويتر BB PIN : 275B968F.

Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Chrysler 300C SRT8 + Chevrolet Caprice SS
لا تنسوا اخوانـنا المسلمين الموحدين في سوريا من الدعاء - . . Watch in Full HD ! Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Chrysler 300C SRT8 + Chevrolet Caprice...

Dodge Viper V/S Chevrolet Lumina SS
Race is done only for timing and not as competition Event : Yas Drag Night Date : 09.04.2015 Venue : Yas Marina Circuit Drag Strip To keep your self updated ...

Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Lumina (HOLDEN) + قصّـة Lumina SS (معدّل)
Watch in HD ! Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Lumina (HOLDEN) + قصّـه Lumina SS (معدّل) الموقع : المهدية بالعاصمة الرياض .. تنويـه : الرّجاء...

SLEEPER Miata Shocks 600hp Z06! [STREETS]
At our stop in Nashville we hopped into a 600hp Heads/Cam Z06 after a random Miata asked to street race at a meet, not knowing much about the car other than ...

Chevy Lumina V6 vs Mitsubishi Eclipse L4
An American Sedan versus a Japanese sport coupe drag race. (Eclipse wins) Un pase en la 65.

Drag Race: VW Golf 7 R vs Mercedes A 45 AMG
There have always been a few hot hatches to choose from, if you're the sort of person who enjoys torque steer, hatchbacks and small, turbocharged engines.

Sleepers Two Official Trailer This is a short documentary I made for a class. Using mostly my own found ...

Suspect at Racesa 1km drag racing shootout.
Shaheen 'aka' Suspect hit 299km/h at the Racesa 1km shootout in the Twin Turbo Lumina. Watch the video as he gives his account of the run and then ...

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 (Stock) vs 415kw Chev Lumina SS UTE
Heavily Modified. 408 Eagle Stroker Kit. 11.3 compression. VD Linde Gas Flowed Heads. 1 7/8" headers. 3" Viper Exhaust. 102mm throttle body. FAST Air intake ...

BMW Vs Lumina SS
BMW M3 vs Chevy Lumina SS V8 at Lobatse Drag races Botswana.