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Chevrolet Lumina Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Chrysler 300C SRT8 + Chevrolet Caprice SS
لا تنسوا اخوانـنا المسلمين الموحدين في سوريا من الدعاء - . . Watch in Full HD ! Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Chrysler 300C SRT8 + Chevrolet Caprice...

Drag Race - Chevrolet Lumina Vs Chevrolet Camaro 3#
بطولة ملك المضمار في حلبة ديراب - الرياض فيس بوك https://www.facebook.com/Nawafnonestop تويتر https://twitter.com/NawaFBiNTaReQ BB PIN : 275B968F.

Chev Lumina SS VS Jeep STR8
2009 Chev Lumina SS (With Full Viper Exhaust System) 2013 Jeep STR8 Alpine Edition Drag Race @ Graskop Lumina Taking The Win.

Saldanha Easter Drags 2014 Rampage Lumina SS Ute vs Turbo Ford
Saldanha Easter Drags 2014 Rampage Chevrolet Lumina SS Ute LS1 (cam + nitrous) vs Turbo Ford.

Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Lumina (HOLDEN) + قصّـة Lumina SS (معدّل)
Watch in HD ! Chevrolet Lumina SS Vs. Lumina (HOLDEN) + قصّـه Lumina SS (معدّل) الموقع : المهدية بالعاصمة الرياض .. تنويـه : الرّجاء...

Lumina Drag Race
Chevy Lumina Drag Race.

lamborghini gallardo vs Lumina ss(drag car)

Chevy Lumina V6 vs Mitsubishi Eclipse L4
An American Sedan versus a Japanese sport coupe drag race. (Eclipse wins) Un pase en la 65.

Onboard: Race Action from Raed Raffii in the Chevrolet Lumina V8 Supercar Finale
http://www.driver-coaching.com - Great Onboard race action with Raed Raffii in the final round of the Chevrolet Supercars Middle-East Championship at the fabulous Zain Reem circuit in Saudi...

2006 Lumina SS coupe on Mustang for drag at TENSAI
Trying out the 1/4 mile on the Mustang dyno using a 2006 Lumina SS. Soft launch and slow shifting. 14.7s at 160kph. Car had just made 288whp.

KSA Street Racing - ghost c6 vs corvette z06 vs gt500 vs camaro vs cr8 & more
I hope you can enjoy this great racing event - Watch in HD! ghost edition 1 Location: Saudi Arabia - Riyadh city Cars & estimated hp on flywheel: - Cammed Corvette c6 ls3 -------------(560hp)...

lumina ss coupe 2006 0 to 260 km/h
drag from 0 to 260km/h by mobile camera alone :) the car is almost stock no heavy moods mods:- 1- ls2 valve springs for higher tuned RPM 2- tune 3- lingenfelter air intake 3- gear cooler...


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