Chevrolet Corsica Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chevy Corsica 1/4 mile
Well, this is my buddies old car, and I was the only one with video of it at the track and he begged me to put it up, so here it is.... Pretty much stock 3.1 Chevy ...

96 Corsica 3400/4t60-e
Full Street Trim.

96 Corsica LA1 vs 02 SS
96 Corsica LA1 vs 02 SS.

Chrysler New Yorker VS Chevy Corsica Street Race
Just out racing....But like a boss!

1994 Turbo Corsica
turbo corsica at OSW.

INSANE 55 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY!
Pikes peak International Raceway, Coloradoo Springs. Co INSANE 1955 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY! If you like this video Click here to Subscribe for ...

Corsica vs GP GTP

Time trial 2

Epic drag race between 2 crappy cars!

My corsica aug 27th

1995 Chevy Corsica (STOCK CAR)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Travis Prisks 1995 chevy corsica. PURESTOCK RACING BABY!!!

Chevrolet Beretta drag