Chevrolet Colorado Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2017 GMC Canyon Duramax vs Chevy Colorado V6 Drag Race: Diesel vs Gasoline 0-60 MPH Mashup ) 2017 GMC Canyon Duramax vs Chevy Colorado V6 Drag Race: Diesel vs Gasoline 0-60 MPH Mashup ( ) ...

Chevy Colorado Drag Truck
First night at the dragstrip. Ran a 6.31 at on the first pass.

"Spare Parts" 800+HP Turbo Truck! Chevy Colorado Built Entirely with Leftover Stuff
It doesn't take a crazy budget or a lot of super duty parts to build a fun and fast street truck! Check out this Chevrolet Colorado from Holley LS Fest 2016 that has ...

Street Outlaw TINA'S 8 Second COLORADO!
You may have seen Tina and her BADASS extended-cab Colorado on Discovery's series - Street Outlaws. We were able to see what the twin-turbo truck was ...

Isuzu D-Max vs chevrolet colorado
pickup trucks Isuzu D-Max vs chevrolet colorado pickup diesel engine.

Duramax powered Colorado battles R35 GTR on the street!
Click here for more videos ▻ Chevy Colorado: Built by 'The Diesel Shop' ( ) Stock long block 6.6 Duramax Stock ...

Tina Pierce, well known from the street outlaws tv series debuts her Twin Turbonetics Turbo 427LSX, powerglide trans, Moser 9" 3.73 gears, factory stock interior ...

Truckin' Spool Fool! - Turbo LS Colorado Gone WILD!
With a great place to start, the owner of this truck created one wild drag racing machine. We didn't have the chance to catch up with him, but couldn't resist ...

Chevy Colorado v8 supercharged
Chevy Colorado v8 5.3 supercharged TVS1900,,,tuned by G-Force Motorsports,,,,stock cam, stall, gears, tires,,, ran a 13.0,, the lightning ran a 12.6.

Colorado Speed - Running
This our Colorado Speed Project, and as you can see, it's almost done! We're just tuning it now. Get ready SEMA because here we come! Produced by ...

Colorado SS 9 Second Pass
Joe's LSx powered Colorado runs it's first 9 second pass.

Colorado SS 10.05 at 135mph!! (LSX Swapped Colorado w/nitrous)
ColoradoSS runs 10.05, Chevy Colorado with an ls swap on the juice.