Chevrolet Cobalt Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Roush Mustang vs Chevy Cobalt SS

SLEEPER Cobalt vs GT-R & ZR-1
When we saw this unsuspecting Cobalt with Hoosiers on the front, we weren't sure what to expect! Not only did this bad boy whoop up on a GT-R, it also gave a ...

2007 Cobalt SS Turbo 11.95@119 Summer 2011
lsj turbo Cobalt ZZP SS Luskville K20 automobiles racing turbo drag burnout camaro exhaust street race corvette cars mile motor sports drag racing pontiac ...

Nichetti Drag Racing Team Florida - Hot Rod Cobalt (Red) Testing!
NDR Team Florida takes to the track at Orlando Speedworld Dragway with the red Hot Rod Cobalt during pre-season testing. Burnout with Luciano Nichetti.

2006 Chevy Cobalt Drag Race 036
2006 Saturn Ion vs 2006 Chevy Cobalt - My Fast Run for the Night - 15.96 @ 88mph r/t .217.

11000 RPM Chevy Cobalt
Bye Run.

Cobalt SS 10.89 Run. Dash Cam
A video from the 10.89 pass 6-3-12 from the Buschur sport compact nationals. This is the fastest run to date for me. Here is a link to the runs on the cobalt site.

2010 cobalt SS/TC grudge race drag
Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ, vs Dodge Challenger R/T.

Cobalt SS Turbo 1/2 Mile Racing - Gallardo , GT500 , M3 , GTO - Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack
It's just a Cobalt! Mods: - Hahn CAI - ZZP Catless DP - ZZP Bolt-In FMIC - ZZP Lower Chargepipe - Injen Upper Chargepipe - Custom 25psi E85 HP Tune by ...

ECOtec DOHC TURBO! BRUNO MASSEL '09 COBALT 2.2 4cyl. Turbo ECOtec Testing at RT66!
Bruno Massel when not busy taping Garage Squad, and Truck U on Velocity finds time to test his 76mm Precision Turbo ECOtec DOHC 2.2 4cyl. '09 Chevy ...

2007 Cobalt SS Turbo Swap 11.95@119mph
ZZP LSJ Complete Turbo Swap Kit Stock Head Stock Rods and Pistons ZZP Valve Springs ZZP Neutral Balance Shaft ( Red Line 7500rpm ) Bullseye S252 ET ...

Nichetti Drag Racing Team Florida - Hot Rod Cobalt (Blue) Fire Up!
NDR Team Florida fires up the Blue Hot Rod Cobalt on 09/16/14 after coming home from a test session during pre-season testing. Video also includes a two ...