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1978 Chevrolet Chevette - Dealership Film
1978 was the third model year for this small car and a promotional film was shown in some Chevrolet dealerships to prospective buyers. This was the last mode...

drag race chevette
1977 chevette.

Chevy kadett C/Chevette VW 8V turbo swap - Drag Radial Tires - SPA Turbo
Spa Turbo parts: - SPA Super A connecting rods http://bit.ly/1o9dzMG - SPA head stud set http://bit.ly/1EcEj2K - SPA Engine Pulleys http://bit.ly/1wWGI0R - S...

1977 Chevrolet Chevette - Dealership Film
Second model year of Chevrolet's "new kind of American car" for 1977. Transferred from super 8mm film taken from a sealed Technicolor-branded cartridge desig...

Taken from Carnage Fest 2 DVD, Check out http://www.urbanhillbilly.com for the best in Heads Up Drag Racing video and DVDs. Urban Hillbilly Action Videos Dra...

Pink Chevrolet Chevette takes a wheel stand too far - WW #7
In a wheel stand competition a 1980s Pink Chevy Chevette literally leaves it all on the track when the driver flips his car over backwards. One off the bigge...

Chevette Drag Racing for 1st Place Sturgis, SD cuts a .000 light
Chevette gets 1st place in sturgis, sd in the Pro ET class. Cuts a .000 light.

Chevy Chevette | 1979 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1979 Chevrolet Chevette NHTSA Frontal Impact speed 35mph The vehicle tested is complied with: -FMVSS 219 - Windshield Intrusion -FMVSS 301-75 - Fuel Sustem I...

1ª. Etapa Drag Race -- Interlagos -- Gol Bola X Chevette
1ª. Etapa Drag Race -- Interlagos -- Gol Bola X Chevette Video: Fulvio Brum Saya Equipe: FF Garage.

1976 Chevy Chevette 1.4 burnout
the 76 chevette 1.4 4 speed trys to spin its new tires.

How Fast is E85? Chevette in a Drag Race
this is my chevette at the halloween spookout race in KCMO. it runs on E85 and has a 355ci small block in it. est time to date is 9.86@137.

Turbocharged 55 Chevy Small Block drag racing crash!! Rolls 5 times

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