Chevrolet Chevette Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chevrolet Chevette Drag Race Car 520 HP 820 NM....
Filmet i Hemnes Husk og Rate og Subscribe... I think this car is faster then my Chevy s10 Blazer.

DARTH CHEVETTE drag racing TriState Dragway 2012
Chevy v8 swapped, big tire Chevette drag racing at TriState Dragway 2012 during the Memorial Day weekend race event. Small compact car, 350 cubic inches, ...

Sanair Mustang Drag race and Modified Chevrolet Chevette Dragster

★ Chevrolet Chevette 1983 SANAIR DRAG ★ Facebook: Sanair DRAG AdrenalineQC Youtube: AdrenalineQC.

Chevy Chevette Drag Car Sturgis, SD 5-23-2010
Chevy Chevette Drag Car SBC with a powerglide.

1978 chevy chevette drag car running
1978 chevy chevette custom tube frame race car. runs on staright alchol. 350 chevy with a huge cam. runs 6.72 on a 1/4 mile. it is alot louder in person this thing ...

Chevy Chevette kadett C VW 8V turbo swap 800HP street legal - SPA Turbo
Brazilian chevy chevette (Kadett C) with VW 8v engine swap VW 8V crossflow engine 2.8 BAR boost 8x 1600cc bosh injectors street legal Spa Turbo parts: ...

Chevette Hatch 1.9 TURBO - 550cv | Revista RACEMASTER
Com 550cv@2bar de turbo, o 1.9L 8V já vem se destacando nas pistas, acompanhe este vídeo que a Revista RACEMASTER preparou para você! Compre a ...

Low 9 second Chevette
Chevette drag race car goes 9.35 @ 140mph in 1/4 mile drag race. 406 SBC with 116hp nitrous shot.

Fastest VW beetle/sedan in the world ?
1/4 mile Brazilian Drag Race 2013 at Category FLT - Força Livre Traseira (Rear Freedom Force) The yellow car is a Chevrolet Chevette (Opel Kadette in europe ...

Drag Race 4ª etapa - Chevette ap turbo Elite Motorsports - Interlagos (SP)

Chevy kadett C/Chevette VW 8V turbo swap - Drag Radial Tires - SPA Turbo
Spa Turbo parts: - SPA Super A connecting rods - SPA head stud set - SPA Engine Pulleys - SPA ...