Chevrolet CK2500-Truck Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Suburban Drag race
Slow k2500 suburban.

1988 sleeper chev 1500 longbox, 327 truck drag racing
drag racing 88 chev long box , first passes with my new motor the 400 tranny, stock convertor, stock gears in rear end fastest time was a 15.1 @ 91 mph , bogs outta the hole and tranny shifts...

1989 Chevrolet Pickup Drag Racing
Me running my race truck at a local track a while back. No major modifications at the time. I've done quite a few upgrades to it since including a set of slicks but have not got it finished...

6.5L Drag Race

GypsyMike Mustang VS Ret Turbo Silverado
Gypsy Mike AllMotor Mustang Vs Isreal's Ret Twin Turbo Silverado 6k each side turbo silverado gets 4 and the go. Turbo Silverado FTW! 12k pot ..Run 1 of 5 stay tuned.

4-53 Detroit Diesel in a '89 Chevrolet C1500
Sounds GREAT! Owner installed a two stroke 4-53 (four cylinders, 53 CID per cylinder) Detroit Diesel into their '89 Chevrolet half ton truck. Saw this at Carcraft summer nationals 2010.

6.2L Swap 95 Single Cab Chevy Truck Browning Tuned
452whp. Cam, intake ,exhaust.

chevy 4x4 truck vs corvette drag race
chevy 4x4 truck vs corvette drag race.

Cummins VS Chev 454 first round eliminations

Chevy Dodge Ford Half Ton Straight Pipes
1995 Ford- 5.0 302 Hi Flow Cat to 3" straight pipe to dual 2.5" tailpipes 4" tips 1998 Chevy- 5.7 350 Vortec Stock Cats True Dual Straight 2.5" piping to 4" tips 2001 Dodge- 5.9 360 Hi Flow...

Chevrolet 454SS truck burnout
Dutch Chevrolet 454SS sporttruck burnout.

Raylar Stage 3 - Chevy Truck 2500 - Vortec 8.1 Liter 496 This Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is running Raylar's Stage 3 (106 Kit) on it's 8.1 Vortec. Stage 3 brings the 496cid to 607 horsepower and 638 ft-lbs of torque.