Chevrolet Beretta Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

93 Chevy Beretta vs. Dodge Magnum SRT Drag Racing
From 4/26/2015 @ Cedar Falls Motorsports Park - Random pairing during test and tune. Actually ran pretty damn close with the Magnum through the 330' mark ...

Chevrolet Beretta drag

Beretta Drag Car
414 SBC Sikeston Drag Strip 1.17 60s 5.44 at 125mph.

Chevy Beretta Drag Racing
1993 Beretta GT runs 14.84 @ 88.71 even while missing 4th gear... shit happens, go me! 4/26/2015 - Cedar Falls Motorsports Park, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Chevrolet Beretta VS Chevrolet Monte Carlo Beasting the 1/4 Mile 1080P
Watch in 1080P!! This Beretta and Monte Carlo were a couple of the fastest and most awesome cars of the night.

Beretta Drag Car.... 555 BBC
1st pass with new 555 BBC.

1990 Beretta Indy Turbo Drag Race
Summit Motorsports Park on June 5, 2016. 3.1L Turbo v6 and 4T60-HD automatic. Car sounds good going down the track. Not tuned properly, has some boost ...

Chevy Beretta FTW
Check out our Vlog channel!!: Facebook: Kleiber Motorsports is the home of everything ...

Matt Cattoni's '92 Chevy Beretta (Willie Rells) 496ci naturally aspirated chevy built by Cattoni Racing Parts takes the win with a 8.66@139.78 as Rocket Ron ...

Archie Kajewski Chevy Beretta Crash
Archie Kajewski smashes his chevy beretta in sydney. crashed head on to the wall at 199kph and had several injuries.

Turbo 3.1l Beretta
91 Beretta making 294hp/367ftp Turbo 3.1.

Beretta (Drag Racing Car) Races Nine Seconds!