Chevrolet Beretta Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Beretta Drag Car
414 SBC Sikeston Drag Strip 1.17 60s 5.44 at 125mph.

Chevrolet Beretta drag

93 Chevy Beretta vs. Dodge Magnum SRT Drag Racing
From 4/26/2015 @ Cedar Falls Motorsports Park - Random pairing during test and tune. Actually ran pretty damn close with the Magnum through the 330' mark ...

Chevy Beretta Drag Racing
1993 Beretta GT runs 14.84 @ 88.71 even while missing 4th gear... shit happens, go me! 4/26/2015 - Cedar Falls Motorsports Park, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Chevrolet Beretta VS Chevrolet Monte Carlo Beasting the 1/4 Mile 1080P
Watch in 1080P!! This Beretta and Monte Carlo were a couple of the fastest and most awesome cars of the night.

Beretta Drag Car
Beretta Drag/Funny Car Running the 1/8 Mile. Fast Ride... Ran a 5.67.

Matt Cattoni's '92 Chevy Beretta (Willie Rells) 496ci naturally aspirated chevy built by Cattoni Racing Parts takes the win with a 8.66@139.78 as Rocket Ron ...

Chevy Beretta FTW
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Pro Stock Chevy Beretta Makes Shake Down Pass
Pro Stock Chevy Beretta makes a shake down pass. Drag racing at Fayetteville Motorsports Park in NC during Freaky Friday event.

Turbo 3.1l Beretta
91 Beretta making 294hp/367ftp Turbo 3.1.

Beretta Drag Car.... 555 BBC
1st pass with new 555 BBC.

Turbo Quad4 Beretta GTZ
Street tires, missed 2nd gear. Still ran a 14.1 @ 103 MPH. LT1 Camaro near lane.