Chevrolet Astro Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chevy Astro Drag Van
my dads drag van. He is not running Nitrous during these runs....unfortunately. 427 big block chevy, 21" slicks, custom paint.

Tesla Model S Performance vs Chevrolet Volt Drag Racing 1/4 Mile Chevy Astro dog-legging on air bag suspension draggin
My 1988 Chevy Astro severerly customized work in progress. Dog leg 3-wheeling dog legging. FOR SALE: Make offer 4.3L V6 :: 2WD ...

1994 orange custom chevy astro van
1994 orange custom chevy astro van 1994 orange custom chevy astro van 1994 orange custom chevy astro vans 1994 chevy astro van manual 1994 orange ...

Chevrolet Astro racing on Enthusia
Racing a Chevrolet Astro Van on the PS2 game Enthusia.

Nissan GTR vs Mitsubishi Evo
Nissan GTR (OneSixx Tony) vs Mitsubishi Evo Follow us on instagram and Facebook @ iamtaiboogie racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing ...

Wicked Chevy Astro Van does burnout
This is one sick ass Chevy Astro Van. Built into a dragster running low 6's in the 1/4 mile!!!!!! filmed at Munci Drag way in IN.

9 Sleepers That Think They're Supercars
If you like cars with massive power and stock looks, then look no further than these 9 ridiculously fast rides. Warning: contains 1000hp minivans and electric ...

7 second minivan - no kidding
This plain looking Dodge Caravan pulled up at the local drag strip tonight and we all laughed - but we didn't laugh for long!

Chevy Astro: Blower Resistor diagnose/replace
A quick diagnosis and repair of a blower motor that only runs on one of four speeds...

Crocodile Race 2010 all Chevrolet Astro runs

Crocodile Race 2010 - Chevrolet Astro Precision Race on 333 Track
Crocodile Race 2010 Organizer - Latvian American car club ( Track - 333 (