Chevrolet Astro Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Astro Van vs Lamborghini
I dont feel so bad that i lost to this after seeing this.

Chevy Astro Drag Van
my dads drag van. He is not running Nitrous during these runs....unfortunately. 427 big block chevy, 21" slicks, custom paint.

V8 Astro van with ZZ3 at Holt Florida Dragstrip 1/8 mile
Vintage 1999 video of my 1987 Astro van with a ZZ3 Crate motor. This was the first ever pass with this van. At the time of this video I still had the stock 700R4 and ...

Chevy Van Drag Racing
Chevy Van vs Dodge Van.

2006 Nissan Pathfinder vs Chevy Astro Van AWD
now this was a nail biter 2006 Nissan Pathfinder Mods: Kool Vue CAI, Bully Dog GT Chevy Astro Van Mods: cool driver and 1 million miles :)


Chevrolet Astro new Idler Arm, Center Link, Bearing Adjustment
Chevy Astro Steering parts replacement.

Astro Van Vs. Civic
Astro Van Vs. Civic 17.2 seconds at 78 mph.

Astro Wheelstander

Wicked Chevy Astro Van does burnout
This is one sick ass Chevy Astro Van. Built into a dragster running low 6's in the 1/4 mile!!!!!! filmed at Munci Drag way in IN.

Airbourne Express Chevy Astro Van Wheelstander
Airbourne Express Chevy Astro Van Wheelstander ran 9.88 @ 133.65 mph at the Super Chevy Show in Gainesville, FL.

blastro amazing burnout (Astro Van) 2000 plus horsepower 7.76 quarter mile time
beaver springs 2008.