Chevrolet Astro Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Astro Van vs Lamborghini
I dont feel so bad that i lost to this after seeing this.

"BLASTRO" 1985 Chevy Astro Van with a Radical Attitude
Tom Richey explains what he did to his 1985 Chevy Astro Van with a Radical Attitude. 2000 Horsepower! Filmed at the 2017, 45th Van Nationals in Mansfield, Ohio by John Koterba, Lightning Videos....

Chevy Astro Drag Van
my dads drag van. He is not running Nitrous during these runs....unfortunately. 427 big block chevy, 21" slicks, custom paint.

V8 Astro van with ZZ3 at Holt Florida Dragstrip 1/8 mile
Vintage 1999 video of my 1987 Astro van with a ZZ3 Crate motor. This was the first ever pass with this van. At the time of this video I still had the stock 700R4 and converter along with...

Chevy Astro Van doing work

Jarvis Performance 9-Second 1978 Chevy Van Compilation
9-Second Van!


1969 Chevrolet Van sleeper at Numidia Raceway drag race In PA
I just thought this van was insane so I posted a run with it. This has got to hbe the ultimate sleeper vehicle!! I get a kick out of it!

Chevy Van Drag Racing
Chevy Van vs Dodge Van.

Chevy Van Drag Racing 12.12 @ 109 mph 1/4 mile
Chevy Van vs Mustand.

EVO IX MR vs. Tubbed and S/C Chevy Astro Van
12.06 @ 114mph - EVO.

Sky Hill Muddin' Derby Jen's Sable Vs White Astro Van
Was so muddy that day - July 26th.