Buick Roadmaster Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon Drag videos and pictures
LT1 Buick Roadmaster Wagon Pictures & Drag videos. 100% stock block, heads and cam with 156k miles and every bolt-on plus nitrous.

1995 Buick Roadmaster Misc Video
This is a quick video of the 1995 Buick Roadmaster Limited Sedan I used to own. It was a full bolt on LT1 car that ran 13.50s in the 1/4 mile at 4200lbs.

Roadmaster vs Nissan
The Buick burns a mean heater at a local cruise night/ drag night. [2.56 rear groundpounder] ran a 10.34-44[?] 1/8 mile [was somewhat drunk ,memory fuzzy]

V6 mustang VS v8 buick roadmaster
This kid at work was talking so much crap about this new mustang in the parking lot. So we decided to set up this little drag race to shut one of them up.

'94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon @ Speedworld Drag Strip
My '94 Buick Roadmaster wagon during club day at Speedworld Dragstrip in January of 2006. Mods are CAI, 2500 stall converter, 3.73 gears, and a dyno tune.

'94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon @ Speedworld Drag Strip 2
Another video of my '94 Roadmaster wagon on club day at Speedworld Dragstrip in Jan. 2006. Car is basically stock, cept for CAI, 2500 stall converter, 3.73's ...

Buick Roadmaster and Lincoln 2 door (Clip) LB Motorama - Power Brake TV
We went down to the Long Beach Motorama to see the sights, normally we will highlight some of the rare and special cars we see, but nearly everything here ...

1994 Buick Roadmaster Wagon - Trying to Do A Burnout
I watched all these people doing burnouts in the drag races and on youtube, so i thought I'd try it. I got on a quiet country road but felt nervous so I tried it a ...

1994 Buick Roadmaster wagon 5.7L LT1 Summit Racing Street/Strip Mufflers
SUM-638252 Summit Racing Street Strip mufflers 2.5" in/out on stock stainless steel dual exhaust pipes. Stock LT1 motor. These mufflers are really the Jones ...

1957 Buick Roadmaster - Jay Leno's Garage
1957 Buick Roadmaster. The boulevard ride - pure Dynaflow » Subscribe: http://bit.ly/JLGSubscribe » Visit the Official Site: http://bit.ly/JLGOfficialSite THE BEST ...

1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon 350 LT1 5.7L Exhaust Summit Racing Street/Strip
Stock pipes, cat delete, Summit Racing Street/Strip mufflers. Cold start.

Big money grudge race- Buick Roadmaster vs Chevy 1500
Grudge race on the street. Buick Roadmaster vs Chevy 1500. Street tires pump gas, 1/8 mile no prep. One run for the $$$$$.