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BMW 325is Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2012 BMW 3 vs Mercedes S-Class Drag Race
OMG the time has come. 2012 drag race between 2006 BMW 325i and 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 320L CDI. In the video the beamer wins but the reality is that we ...

Drag Race - Hyundai Getz vs BMW 325is E36 Round 2 - Aldo Scribante

Drag Race - Hyundai Getz vs BMW 325is E36 Round 1 - Aldo Scribante

BMW 325 IX Turbo Vs. BMW E36 M3 & 325 Drag Race [1/4 Mile]
http://www.1000hp.eu Follow Us On FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/1000HP.EU Hungary - Kunmadaras [2008 - 08 - 17] 1/4 Mile.

BMW 325i VS Audi S4 quattro 1/4mile drag race
BMW 325i coupe 200kw manual gearbox VS Audi 100 S4 C4 169kw 2.2T sedan manual gearbox quattro drag race 1/4mile 402m.

1994 BMW 325is vs 2004 Pontiac GTO.
OCCA Local Drag Racing. The GTO Misses the start and doesn't come back on the BMW in time. The BMW ran a 10.3 and the GTO ran a 12.1 with the missed start. T...

Engine Removal Timelapse 1988 BMW 325i e30 (m20)
My engine blew so I had to remove it to make way for a new motor and transmission. Considering that the auto was having issues, it was the right time to do a...

Drag Racing l 1000HP BMW E30 VS Supra Turbo
Decapitation crash in Brooklyn kills two in Nissan vs BMW accidentBMW 2 Series Active Tourer previewed by What Car? readersBMW M3 3.0 R6 431 hp (Unofficial) ...

Golf vs BMW 325is
Drag Racing in SA, Tarlton Raceway/ ODI Raceway/ Smiles Raceway/ Street Racing AND much much more.

BMW Drag Racing
My 325is Drag Racing the 1/4.

1994 BMW 325is vs 2003 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 Turbo
OCCA Local Drag Racing. The BMW get's a bad start but come's back on the Chevy near the end. The Chevy ran a 10.2 and the BMW ran a 10.4. Like OCCA, (Omaha C...

BMW E30 S52 supercharger drag race
First time out at the strip of my 1990 BMW 325i. Engine is an S52 from a 1999 M3. Vortech V2 SQ supercharger running only 4psi. Water/alcohol injection insta...


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