BMW 325e Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1987 BMW E30 Kicks Ass In Spectator Drags
Filmed at Elko Speedway in Minnesota 1987 BMW 325E Stock headers-resonators and mufflers deleted Lincoln Locked Differential Rev chip at 7000 rpm instead of the stock 4500 rpm Racing on Clearance...

1200+hp `69 Chevy Camaro VS BMW 325e E30 1/4mile drag race
1200+hp 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 540cid [8,78sec@255km/h] VS 1985 BMW 325e E30 2.8L Turbo 1/4 mile drag race.

1989 325i e30 drag race 1/4 mile
racing my e30. sloppy launch (need more practice lol), trying to ease it to keep from braking another axle.

BMW 325E E30 2.7 vs BMW 320 E30 2.5 Turbo 1/4 mile drag race
Mihkel Tatrik 1987 BMW 325E E30 2.7 I6 vs Janis Umbraško BMW E30 320 2.5 I6 E85 with T3 / T4 Chinese turbo 'HPT racing team' 1/4 mile drag race @ Speedest Legends 2017, Pärnu airfield [29.07.2017].

'82 Ford Capri vs BMW 325E E30 1/8mile drag race
Laur Kübarsepp 1982 Ford Capri 2.3 V6 vs Ivo Klais 1986 BMW 325E E30 2.7 I6 1/8 mile drag race @ Autovä Tartu Drag Race 2017, Raadi airfield [03.06.2017]

BMW 325 E30 Turbo VS 1000+hp Toyota Supra 3.0TN 1/4mile drag race
Marius Suveizdis 1988 BMW 325 E30 Turbo [12,9sec@402m] VS Maksim Zolotarjov`s 1000+hp 1995 Toyota Supra 3.0TN [12,39sec@402m] 1/4mile drag race.

My 1986 BMW 325e
I have finally bought my first car- a 1986 BMW 325e! I saved up for and planned on buying an E30 for quite some time now, so finally buying and owning one is a huge accomplishment! My E30...

BMW E30 325ix Turbo 1/8mile drag race
Lauri Soots 1987 BMW E30 325ix xDrive 2.5 I6 Turbo M20B25 1/8 mile drag race @ Autovä Tartu Drag Race 2017, Raadi airfield [03.06.2017]

Tim Hardy Racing Pikes Peak BMW E30 Aero Walkaround | Lifting The Hood
Today we lift the hood on a more conventional car at pikes peak; Tim Hardy's BMW E30. Facebook: Patreon: Instagram:...

BMW 325is Spec E30 Race Car 'Selling The Dream'
Bryan's BMW E30 325is race car is about to exchange owners. Listen and watch Bryan talk about the N.A.S.A Spec E30 race series and his experience racing his beloved BMW 325i, and watching him...

Ferrari 458 Italia vs BMW 3-series E30 Turbo E85-powered.

INSANE BMW E30 VS. Nissan GT-R VS. Porsche 911 Turbo. Rolling starts X2
Instagram: alexandersson01 1080p HD. Nissan gt-r 594 hp VS. porsche 911 996 turbo 580 hp VS. bmw e30 with 680 WHP. 2 races. 50-300 km/h and 100-300km/h. GT-R: downpipes and ECU. Porsche:...