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BMW 325e Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1200+hp `69 Chevy Camaro VS `85 BMW 325e 1/4mile drag race
1200+hp 1969 Chevrolet Camaro [8,78sec@255km/h] VS 1985 BMW 325e 1/4mile drag race.

`88 BMW 325 VS 1000+hp `95 Toyota Supra 3.0TN 1/4mile drag race
Marius Suveizdis 1988 BMW 325 [12,9sec@402m] VS Maksim Zolotarjov`s 1000+hp 1995 Toyota Supra 3.0TN [12,39sec@402m] 1/4mile drag race.

BMW 325 vs BMW 328 Drag race
A drag race between two bmws.

750hp `90 BMW M1 Sauber Gr.5 1/4mile drag race
750hp 1990 BMW M1 Sauber Group 5 1,5lt (12000rpm max) 1/4mile drag race 1/4mile: 13,0sec@177km/h.

'92 BMW M3 E30 Drag Race
Jonah and I picked up some track at Toys R Us to extend the race track. We don't have enough for a really long six lane raceway yet but we're getting there, ...

BMW M6 Vs. Fiat 126 P TDI Drag Race
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BMW 325 Race Car engine running FOR SALE
Here it is, idling. Sorry about the terrible audio; this is from my Canon point-and-shoot camera.

Dodge Viper Vs BMW E30 Drag Race

bmw e30 m5 turbo (bh 04 aro) drag race koe 2010..MPG

My 1986 BMW 325e
I have finally bought my first car- a 1986 BMW 325e! I saved up for and planned on buying an E30 for quite some time now, so finally buying and owning one is...

World Racing 2 BMW 325, 850 Extreme Drifting
A World Racing 2 Video with some extreme BMW drifting, the first drift being over 500. High Resolution of this video, here: http://www.stage6.com/user/NEcRo1...

chumpcar vir south race start
chump car vir race start chris marsh car#712 86 bmw 325E.


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