BMW 318ti Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1996 BMW 318ti Turbo Drag Racing
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Racing Technics BMW E36 318ti 1/4 Mile Drag Race
Racing Technics BMW E36 318ti Supercharged M44 drag race.

BMW 318ti black ice drifting
just playin around in a nice empty parking lot covered in black ice!!!

Padborg Park 29/06-14 - Youngtimer Heat 3 - BMW 318ti
Qualified 2nd in class and ended 1st in a very hard heat on an increasingly wet track with slick tires. The whole race was driven defensively - and probably a bit ...

BMW Compact Cup One Day Build - Live at PPC in the Park 2013
A time-lapse film documenting the one-day build of PPC Magazine's BMW Compact Cup race car. Filmed at Mallory Park at 'PPC in the Park 2013 in association ...

95 BMW 318ti Auto-X 2009
Street Survival driving school at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway June 7th, 2009.

95 BMW 318ti Skid Pad Drifting
Street Survival driving school June 7th, 2009 yeah, the drifting sucks, but what do you want out of 138hp?

BMW 318ti V8 Swapped- Udine Hillclimb

BMW 318ti autocross - Spin across the finish line
The 95 318ti spinning across the finish line on my first autocross in many many years.

Bmw e36 318ti Compact Straight Pipe Exhaust !!
Bmw e36 318ti Compact Straight Pipe Exhaust !! Subscribe to Sport Cars Guru Channel: Follow on Twitter: ...

BMW 318ti Autocross
First auto-X in over 6 years and first run with the BMW 318ti. -Engine: Stock M42 -EFI: MegaSquirt, LC-1 WBO2 system, cone filter intake -Exhaust: 4 into 1 ...

Padborg Park 28/06-14 - Youngtimer Heat 1 - BMW 318ti