AMC Spirit Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

AMC spirit
Just you average day bad ass spirit busting mustang ass on a regular!!

AMC AMX vs AMC Spirit
Bracket race between an AMC Spirit 401 V8 automatic transmission and a red 68 AMX 343 4 speed manual transmission. The AMX was driven by Sam Eppley ...

AMC Spirit at NED on 8-27-11, 11.57 at 118mph
Drag racing, Spirit, AMC, AMC Spirit, BBO AMC, 11 sec AMC.

AMC Gremlin Drag Racing CPC 2014
Check out this footage of an AMC Gremlin Drag Racing at the Chrysler Power Classic The Chrysler Power Classic is an event that was held at National Trail ...

AMC Spirit drag race ride along
fastest pass yet for the car. getting it dialed in and faster.

Mustang and AMC Spirit racing hard
This is a great video from '05 The spirit has about 500 hp so does the red mustang my 97 had 273 hp.

AMC Spirit drag race
club challenge at Firebird Raceway in Boise, ID 13.48 @ 102.5 won on a redlight, but also ran right on my dial.

AMC spirit GT 1/4 mile pass @ Castrol Raceway
My AMC makin a pass @ Castrol I think around 2006 cause the car is on radials and no nitrous. It would have been a mid 10 second pass N/A.

AMC Spirit 11.55 at 119
AMC Spirit at New England Dragwey on 10/15/11.

AMC Sprint Wheelstanding
Pat Siegrist's Wheelstanding AMC Sprint.

Bill Ketchum AMC Spirit AMX
1st 9 sec. pass 1994 morrocco Indiana.

AMC Spirit at NED on 8-27-11, 11.62 at 118mph
Drag racing, Spirit, AMC, AMC Spirit, BBO AMC, 11 sec AMC.