AMC J10 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Jeep J20 Drag Racing
My roommate drag racing his 79 Jeep J20 with a AMC 360.

Jeep Quad drag race. CJ-7 AMC 401
Racing some Quads, I was taking it easy on these guys... I think that that yellow one is a Raptor. Not too sure. AMC, All The Way... Video's were taken with a camera, Have to apologize.

AMC Jeep Wagoneer,Cherokee Cheif,Gladiator,J10,J20 tribute
AMC Jeep Wagoneer,Cherokke Cheif,Gladiator,J10,J20 tribute Music first song I've been everywhere by Johnny Cash second song Wild Side by Motley Crue third song Call me the breeze by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Twin Turbo AMC
AMC Spirit with 5.3 LS Twin Turbo at 8 lbs.

1983 Jeep J-10 Laredo
A walk around interior and exterior of my 1983 Jeep J10 Laredo 4x4. AMC 360 V-8 with 83k original miles.

J10 Bodatious Sept 2013 AMC 401 2 WD
Broke the axle 1/4 track and dang near made it out! This motor has 4 passes on it and it for sale for $3500.

jeep j20 that made it through

Start and drive 1979 Jeep J10 AMC 360 V8 dual straight pipes
Stole a tire of the cherokee to get it out. There won't be many more videos of it the way it is now, because I have some goodies ordered for it.


jeep j10 mudding
Just playing around in a little water hole.

79 Jeep J20
My roommates 79 Jeep J20 with a AMC 360.

76 Jeep J10 mudding
76 Jeep J10 mudding in 2wd.