AMC Gremlin Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

AMC Gremlin Drag Racing CPC 2014
Check out this footage of an AMC Gremlin Drag Racing at the Chrysler Power Classic The Chrysler Power Classic is an event that was held at National Trail ...

The FLYING Gremlin - Wheelie King Brian Ambrosini!
This is what happens when you don't use wheelie bars kids! We had to check out the Byron wheel stand competition to see what all the fuss is about. We heard ...

2500hp AMC Javelin!
Bryant Goldstone has the nastiest AMC Javelin you'll ever see, running 6-second passes at all 5 days of Drag Week 2015! With 2500+hp, you can expect an ...

Second nitous pass with my AMC Gremlin 8.009 @ 164mph
Second try with nitrous. A bit better with the clutch set closer. Next pass was a 7.91 but the video failed. The best part is that it is still running. Not bad for a 40 ...

Shell Bíladagar 2015! Street Car Drag Racing - AMC Gremlin vs Pontiac Trans Am
Shell Bíladagar 2015! Street Car Drag Racing - Götuspyrna Leonard Jóhannsson - AMC Gremlin vs Garðar Þór Garðarsson - Pontiac Trans Am Produced ...

1978 Purple AMC Gremlin Drag Racing
1978 AMC Gremlin drag racing at Brainerd Optimist 1/8th mile Drag Strip near Chattanooga, TN. July 19th, 2002 418 ci Small Block Mopar (Stroked 340) 3.55 ...

AMC Gremlin Drag Racing 11-6-2015
Drag race your ride at QUALCOMM stadium 1/8 mile drag strip. your pro stock looking amc gremlin.

Drag Race AMC Gremlin vs S10
Drag Race AMC Gremlin vs S10.

AMC Gremlin vs. Chevy Nova Drag Race Hohenems 2011

Turbocharged LS V8 AMC Gremlin visits LV Cars and Coffee
First time we heard about Lehigh Valley Cars and Coffee, so we decided to take a trip down. First the drag radials rubbed, so we put more air in the air shocks.

Gremlin X AMC Drag Racing
Gremlin X drag Racing.

ATD Lanas 2012 The HD Family Drag Race.