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AMC Eagle Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

AMC Eagle Drag
WOW, she ran a lot faster than I though, 1983 AMC Eagle Station Wagon Motorcraft 2150 1.08 258 CID Straight 6 TFI Ignition NP129 T-Casr 150 LB Driver I ran a...

Awesome drag race between a SS Nova and an AMC Eagle????? What the hell is an Eagle. Looks like a Pinto on steroids. This weekend the Eagle ran a 9.78 @ 137 ...

Free Craigslist Find 1986 AMC Eagle 4x4 Wagon

AMC Eagle SX/4 and Wagon Commercial
Check out the AMC Eagle Evolution forums http://forums.amcevolution.com/index.php The AMC Eagle was a 4WD Car, so technically a crossover SUV, and predates S...

1981 AMC Eagle SX/4 in Snow
My son's 1981 AMC Eagle SX/4 in a few inches of snow. It has an automatic four wheel drive system and a single-speed transfer case. It goes surprisingly well...

1980 AMC Eagle drive
A drive along King Road going to the dog run with Sara. On the gravel lot I show a little of the 4-wheel drive system on the car. I hope to bring more and be...

'85 AMC Eagle walk around and
I show off my 1985 AMC Eagle and it's freshly installed swingy cup holder.

'79 amc spirit drag race stutter
riding in the car when it stutters. when it hits, it pulls HARD. my rt is a little off, been 2 years since i was at the track. ill get back to my .013 or qui...

AMC Eagle Commercial
AMC Eagle Commercial Forum francophone AMC http://amc-jeep.fra.co.

Gremlin X AMC Drag Racing
Gremlin X drag Racing.

AMC Spirit drag race ride along
fastest pass yet for the car. getting it dialed in and faster.

AMC Eagle Offroad
9-22-07 Wheelin' in Casper Wyoming's Poison Spider Offroad Park. We had some heavy rain this year which washed out some of the ravines. Made them a little mo...


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