Stock Porsche 911 GT2 RS – 10-Second Quarter-Mile

Showcased in this brief video is the amazing new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. It is the end-all when it comes to 911 performance as the most capable ever produced. Exciting to me is not a 10-second factory Porsche but the endless modification possibilities that we may see (especially from EKanoo Racing) in the months and years to come. With a sticker price (new) of nearly $300K, the GT2 RS is truly one of the most sophisticated production cars ever made. It is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbocharged 6-cylinder boxer engine. The engine is situated in the rear of the Read More

Fun Down Under – 6-Second Mazda RX-3

This thing is an angry beast! These Aussies yanked the rotary motor out of a Mazda RX-3 and stuck in an LS package. Focused around a 7.0-liter mill (alloy connecting rods and All Pro aluminum cylinder heads), this twin turbocharged (Turbosmart) setup is capable of turning consistent 7-second elapsed times. Today, the crew will attempt to dip into the sixes. Castle Hill Performance does the heavy lifting on this tiny monster and it is tuned by SCF Race Cars. Fresh off the trailer, the RX-3 runs a (personal best) 6.95-seconds @ 201 mph! In a solo run, everything went absolutely Read More

Turbo Trans Am vs. ProCharged Corvette – Street Hits

By: Ricardo Perez This clip unfolds south if the border where representatives from the BIG 3 (GM, Ford, Dodge) are throwing down with heavily modified machines in some roll racing hits. There are also a few imports and some bikes to pretty things up a bit. It all begins with a 60 mph-roll between a 1,200hp Nissan GT-R (SPD 1400 turbo kit) and a twin turbo Cadillac CTS-V. After the lineup; the Nissan lets him have it. The Nissan rolls out against a 1,000hp (nitrous) Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Once again, the GT-R jumps out and gaps the Mopar FTW! Next, the Read More

1200HP Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Standing Half-Mile

GAD Motors, a German firm, specializes in making Mercedes-Benz vehicles even more powerful than stock. From a ho-hum C-Series to an SLS AMG to a 6-wheeled GLK; GAD is on the case with everything from a few bolt-ons to a complete rebuild with power-adders. This video features a pair of Mercedes vehicles that run the full spectrum of the lineup. There is a C-Series that (they say) resembles a German taxi and a SLS AMG with those gull-wing doors. Both these vehicles have been outfitted with turbochargers, intercoolers, oversized fuel injectors, cold air intakes, custom exhaust headers, custom intake manifolds, Read More

8-Second Twin Turbo FoxBody Mustang

Greetings drag racing fans and fellow speed freaks from every sport. Please allow me to introduce Mark and his 1,000hp Ford Mustang. Yes, it’s a FoxBody and, not only is it one of the fastest street cars in the country, it’s also one of the most amazing – from an aesthetic point of view. No LS motor here; not even a modular. Under the hood is a 5.8-liter (351W) small block Ford with a set of hi-rise cylinder heads that have been ported and polished to the point that you can almost see into the combustion chamber. This is a Read More

Ferrari 812 Superfast vs McLaren 720S 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Watch the 790HP Ferrari 812 Superfast race heads up against the 710HP McLaren 720S down the 1/4 Mile. Full VBOX data for the Ferrari showing 0-60 MPH, 60-130 MPH and 100-200 KPH included. Gear we use:

Nine-Second Nightmare – Mustang GT500

By: Mohammad Rana Welcome to Street Car Takeover Charlotte. Featured in this video is a Gen V Mustang GT500 tuned by (Lee) Blankenship Tuning and Performance. Under the hood is a built 5.8-liter V8 topped with a Kenne Bell 4.7-liter supercharger. A true street car, the GT500 has oversized pullies and is running E85 fuel. The car is capable of producing 1,100whp (Mustang Dyno certified). In this clip, the father and son team are shooting for an 8-second pass. They begin the clip with a pass of 9.09-seconds @ 155.24 mph. Can this experienced racing family shave a few hundredth off Read More

Death Star – 1954 ZR1 Corvette

by: Adam Yacoby Greetings fellow drag racing aficionados from both street and strip. This clip is for all the true car lovers out there. If you believe that an automobile can also be a work of art; you will truly appreciate this video. Timeless Kustoms (Camarillo, CA) is known for building beautifully, custom-crafted, hand-made, high-performance vehicles from the ground up. Before the ZR1 was officially introduced to consumers in 2009, Jason at TK managed to convince GM to pass him an LS9 engine slated for use in one of the first 100 ZR1 units. Jason took the supercharged 6.2-liter mill Read More